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The focus of Membership Committee is two-fold:  Recruitment and Retention. Recruitment focuses on reaching out to potential, qualified members whose engagement will add to the already high levels of corporate and associate members benefiting from a CMARC membership. Retention focuses on maintaining and growing our existing membership base.  

CMARC extends a one-time free pass to Corporate attendees to provide them with the opportunity to experience all CMARC has to offer. (For more information on this one-time free pass, please contact the membership committee.)

Responsibilities of the Membership Committee include the following:

  •  Invoicing of annual membership fees
  • Tracking payments
  • Working with members to ensure their continued involvement
  • Maintaining a current roster
  • Web site responsibilities as it pertains to membership

Neil Demond neil.demond@premia-rm.com and Jessica Holmes Jessica.Holmes@martinmarietta.com

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